Saturday, 21 February 2015

A discovery of epic proportions!!!

Hey everyone,


* blows on one of those party sound thingys*

I'm sorry I didn't post on my old blog. I was just a little busy. And then also the photos disappeared. I mean, come on! How RUDE.

Anyway, my collection hasn't really expanded much. But onto the epic proportion discovery.

You know all those old barbies just laying around your house? Those old things? Well, I found a use. The kid barbies that you got, you know like, Chelsea and all her friends? I'm using their clothes to use as adult Sylvanian clothes!!! BOOM!

They don't fit children, just adults, and their shoes don't fit either. Which is unfortunate, but I can live with it.

These are my favourite two, I think they go super well together. So this is Daisy Hornbull, and I added the apron from the juice shop set and it looks really good!!

 Then we have Maria Butterglove, my other favourite. I really like the lace on the sleeves and although it's very bright - sylvanians generally have duller clothes colors- I think it goes really well with her!!

 Margo Barker showing off her more fancy dress. It has a pink collar, bow and frill.

  Barbara Dale was given a kinda fancy dress. I think it looks slightly like a tango dress...? And it has a super cute rose.

Lettuce Snow-Warren had a old fashion style dress. It has lace on the collar and sleeves, and is really CUTE.

 Katie Honeybear had one of the dresses that fitted a child. It was a tutu, and although it was baggy looked good.

All in all we had 8 clothing items to wear.
 And I literally ran out of women that were throwing themselves at me for demonstration purposes.

I swear I'm going to have to make a clothes shop for them all. Hey, that's a good idea....

love yah!